Tour planning


Companies in the healthcare sector are constantly looking to optimise their limited field force resources. The focus is on quality and efficiency. In addition to other optimisation options, it has been shown that there are significant efficiency reserves in the area of route planning in particular. Nevertheless, many companies in the healthcare sector are comparatively neglecting this topic.

Experience shows that two aspects have been responsible for this so far:

  1. Complexity of the task
  2. Reduced autonomy of the field force due to limited flexibility

Only a simultaneous solution for both areas therefore promises both more efficient tours and continuous use by the employees.


In principle, a large number of parameters have to be taken into account for the ideal implementation, which as a rule can only be processed automatically. In addition to general aspects such as employee location, number of customers and working hours, variable parameters such as different opening hours, customer classification and visit frequencies also play an enormous role.

Relevant parameters for tour planning

The use of analytical route planning can help in this respect. Support through automated calculation not only relieves the field force of time-consuming planning tasks, but also leads to reduced travel times and thus to more time at the customer’s premises.


However, a purely technical solution to the optimization problem does not lead to the desired result. Experience shows that the success of route planning depends on the acceptance of the sales force. Decisive for this are autonomy and flexibility coupled with a corresponding usability. Possibilities to adapt the tours quickly and easily in order to react to changing conditions (e.g. canceled appointments or traffic jams) are essential here.


Our newly developed tool, the SALETELLIGENCE Tour Planner, is the solution. Our tour planning app combines various elements to ideally combine relief and flexibility.


The route planner enables fully automatic tour planning taking into account a large number of relevant planning parameters. Optimum tours for any planning period are calculated for each area as a starting solution.


With the automatic creation of route plans, field force employees are decisively relieved of their workload. In addition, the tool offers employees flexibility and autonomy to manually adjust the calculated tours or exchange individual customers.


The tool also offers a clearly structured dashboard for the current status of resource allocation. By continuously mapping the most important key figures for territory management, employees gain transparency over their activities and can intervene early if corrections are required.

With the help of the SALETELLIGENCE tour planner you can increase the existing efficiency reserves of your sales team and also increase the satisfaction of your employees!